What is it?

My Wedding Guestbook (*Mesaj Kutusu) is innovative & new era digital wedding guesbook which is equipped with touch screen & digital pen & aesthetic pedestal.

You can use it instead of classic wedding guestbooks.

Wedding, engagement, birthday, opening ceremonies, concerts, etc! It is possible to use it for any events!

How to use?

Just choose your favorite screen design on menu and place in the entrance! That’s all!

It’ll be easy for your guests to use it since our screen designs & menus are user friendly.

How it works?

Your guests will see a custom design welcome screen on device. You can add your photos or videos & custom welcome messages to this screen.

Digital wedding guestbook (Mesaj Kutusu) lets your guests leave two kind of messages:

  • Text Message & Photo: A photo of guest(s) is taken automatically and they leave their handwritten messages by a special digital pen.
  • Video Message: Guest(s) can leave a video message with sound.

Can we make any customization?

You can choose one of pre-installed screen design on our wedding guestbook. Also you can add your custom designs easily.

What if guests don’t like the taken photo or video?

They confim it before saving photo or video. So they can re-take photo & video if they don’t like them.

What is the quality of videos?

All videos are being saved in HD quality.

What is the quality of photo messages?

All text messages & photos are being saved in photo print quality.

(*) Mesaj Kutusu is our registered trademark.